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Registration in the site

In order to be able to publish offers on the site, you must complete the registration process.

After the registration will be created your personal account, through your account you can log in to the site, and in the carriers’ catalogue (or freight owners) on the site will be placed the information about you. The registration procedure in the site is absolutely free.
You can find the registration form through the link "Register", located in the upper right part of the site, under the field Login :

Once you click the left mouse button on the link "Register" should be opened registration page:

It is necessary to select the registration type under the heading of the page that matches to your business profile: company, private carrier or freight owner.

Carrier (company and private carrier) may publish transportation offers on the site and choose among the available freight on the site to contact with the freight owner and sign contract on transportation.

Freight owners can publish offers about freights that they need to transport and choose from the available carriers offers to contact a carrier and sign contract on transportation.

To register, fill in all required fields of registration form (marked by *).

General fields:

Login - will be used as an identifier of your account. In the field "login" type, using the Latin alphabet, digits, signs "-" (hyphen) and "_" (underscore), a unique meanings (not used by other registered users in the site).

If your chosen username is busy, during the registration, will be given a corresponding message, in this case, choose another username.

Password - will be used as a secret key to access to your account. Enter any meaning containing at least 6 characters and remember it. Be sure, that typing the password in the correct layout (language) and letters (uppercase / lowercase). Password is not displayed in the box, so that it could not be spied on by people around you, so to exclude the errors option (wrong key, etc.) you need to retype password in the next field "Retype Password". During the registration will be checked that the passwords in these fields matches.

E-mail - will be used to confirm the registration, so please enter your real working email address. After the registration, you should get the message to the stated email address with a confirmation link.

If you do not have an electronic mailbox, you can get it from any free email service, for example:,,, and hundreds of others.
Country, Region, City – choose sequentially from the list at first country , then region, and city where you are located. If you do not see your country (region, city), select "Other" and choose the name of the country (region, city) that appears at the right field.

Phone number - Enter your contact phone number in international format: (+ <country code> - < city code or operator) <phone number>.

Address - Enter the legal address of the company or the physical residence address where you are found. Also, enter your zip code, if at that address you will get a mail.

Registration carrier:

Company Name (for the carrier’s company) - enter the name of your company.

Contact person (for the carrier’s company), full name (For private carrier) - Enter the full name of the company’s representative or your name (for the private carrier), who can be contacted for the clarification of questions of interest.

Transportation category - enter the transportation category which carried out by you (may be several of them).

Additional services - choose the services, which additionally provided by you, besides to transportation of freight. 

Transportation specifics – enter in what transportation you are specified. 

Additional phone number - you can enter another phone number.

Website (for carrier company) - you can enter the website address of your company (if any). Please provide the complete address, including "http://".

Price-list (for carrier company) - you can upload a file with a price-list for providing services in PDF format. 

Upload company logo (for carrier company) - you can upload an image file of your company's logo in the GIF, JPEG, or PNG format. The logo will appear on the page with the information about the company. 

Details- additionally you can give a description of your company and / or description of services providing by you.

Registration freight owner:

Full name - enter your full name (last name, first name, middle name)

What company you are present? - If you are the representative of a company, enter its name

Your position - Enter your held position in the company

Testing code:

At the bottom of the registration form, enter the code from the image (image display must be enabled in your browser) - it is necessary to protect the site from automatic registrations by robots. 

Click the button "Register", to register in the site. In successful registration, you will receive confirming message.
To complete the registration you must confirm it by following the link given in the message, which will be sent via email.

If the registration form filled in incorrectly, there will be given a list of errors and re-derived form of registration.