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How to add an offer for transportation

If you are registered in the site as a carrier (company or private carrier), you can add an offer on transportation to the site.

An offer can be added by using the appropriate form, which can be accessed from the page "Carriers’ offers”:

or from the personal cabinet. Your personal cabinet on the site is available through the link at the top right side of the site:

On the right side of the personal cabinet, there is a link "Add new offer to the site":

When you click on this link, there will be opened a new submission form of an offer for the transportation:

To publish an offer, fill in all required fields (required fields are marked with *):

Enter offer title - write here the name of the offer. This name will be displayed in the list of offers on the page “Carriers’ offers”.

Choose transportation type – one of the variants "regular transportation" (if it is a regular transportation) or "one-time transportation" (if if it is a single transportation).

Transportation categories. Multimodal transportation means the transportation by multiple modes of transport.

Additional services - you can indicate the additional services that you need during the transportation.

Transportation specifics- you can indicate the specifics of transportation.

Fragile freight? - indicate "Yes" if the freight is classified as fragile.

Origin, Destination - specify the point of dispatch and point of delivery of transport, accordingly. Choose sequentially from the list a country, region and city. If such a country (region or city) is not listed, select the option "Other" and enter the name of the country (region or city) that appears at the right field.

Transportation start date, Transportation end date - Specify the time-period within which to carry out the transportation.

Payment value - enter the presumable payment for transportation services.

Payment currency - choose the currency of payment, in which stated the amount of payment.

Payment type - Select the preferred method of payment: cash or non-cash (bank transfer).

Enter transport name- enter the name of the transport, which will be used for transportation.

Transport load - provide existing transport load - empty or half-load

Transport specification:

Capacity - enter the regulatory load-capacity of the transport (in tones)

Size - enter the size of necessary container for transportation (in cubic meters)

Type - specify the desired type of container: open or closed

Load type - Specify the desired type of loading: top or lateral

Other - you can specify any other important features of transport for transportation

Phone number for tracking the performance of transportation - enter here the phone number, which can be used to contact with the carrier of the freight to control the transportation process.

Set inactive - you can defer the publication of the offer, making it inactive. Put a checkmark item in front of the current field, if you do not want the offer was immediately published. In this case, the offer will not be published on the website but will be in the list of your offers in the personal cabinet, so you can later modify the offer and publish it.

Also enter the security code from the picture - it is necessary to protect the automatically submission of offers by site robots. The image displaying in the browser must be enabled.

Click the button "Add new offer", after filling in all the fields. If the form is filled in correctly, it will be given a message about the successful publication of the offer, otherwise it will be given a list of errors. In this case, correct all the mistakes and try to add the offer again.