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How to check messages on your offers

Site users can change with messages about offers, which published on the site. To check the messages that sent to you, go to "Personal cabinet" to the section "Incoming" (click on the link "Incoming"). If you have new unread messages, their numbers will be shown in parentheses, right after the link ”Incoming”.

On the opened page will be displayed a list of all messages sent to you. Each message related to your offer and sender’s offer - you can check them by clicking on the link with the name of the offer. The link to the message itself is in the last column. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the page of viewing the history of correspondence, where you can send a reply message.

To delete unnecessary messages, mark them with flag and click on the link "Delete".
Messages sent by you, can always be checked in the section "Outcoming".