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II International Forum “Multimodal 2016: bridge between Europe and Asia” was held in Istanbul, Turkey.


II International Forum “Multimodal 2016: bridge between Europe and Asia” was held on 11-13 of May 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event was organized by VIVA CONSULT.

The conference was media supported by the journals "Trans-Express Kazakhstan" and "Trans-Logistics", Kazakhstan. General Partner was TMBC Logistics, Russia.

Nowadays multimodal transportation market offers its player a wide range of options and challenges, including new perspectives of the New Silk Way in view of the key transport corridors linking Europe and Asia; competition between transport modes and issues of decreasing sea freight rates. All of these are just a small part of the set of issues of the transportation market perspectives in the near future.

The forum’s program comprised of the logical parts encompassing cargo transportation in Europe and Asia as well as transit flows between them.

The forum was opened by a session and discussion «Mixed transportation in Europe», announcing large transport hubs such as Port of Hamburg, railway freight in the region, tariffs in multimodal transportation. The speakers were Christoph Shoppmann, HPC Hamburg, Udo Sauerbrey, Railistics, Germany and Julius Glebovas, Lithuanian Railway.

Andrey Duddell, TMBC Logistics, Russia shared his professional view on the connectivity of Port of Novorossiysk with ocean Ro-Ro services. Gunther Ginckels, SEASC4U, Belgium and Lars Nennhaus, Duisport, Germany spoke about European ports’ infrastructure development and prospects for cargos from Asia taking into account increase of transportation volumes and vessels tonnage. A panel discussion with Turkish ports representatives took place afterwards.

Clark van Oeveren, Holland Container Innovation, Burak Erden, APM Terminals, Turkey and Andrey Perepelitsa, Interlegal, Ukraine highlighted the issues of container freight market, innovations and risks.

The presentations of Emre Eldener from UTICAD, Turkey, Volkan Yorukoglu, Ford Motor Company, Turkey,

Secil Ozyanik, TRACECA, Turkey, Artem Khachaturian, PLASKE, Ukraine, Nino Kapanadze, Georgian Railway, Georgia and Tanat Kuangaliyev, KTZ Express, Kazakhstan were about the links between Baltic and Caucasus, transit potential of Kazakhstan and Turkey as the main transit hubs, increase of the transportation effectiveness. A panel after the session raised the issues of new transport routes and services advantage over the present ones, their economic feasibility and demand.

Besides, within the frames of the Forum a field trip to Marport Terminals was organized. The delegates had a possibility to participate in a case study «3PL logistics: formation of effective logistic systems, role of large logistic agents» organized by DAMCO.

International Forum «Multimodal 2016: bridge between Europe and Asia » has once again proved its networking significance for the logistics market professionals with its excellent communicative possibilities.

VIVA Consult team would like to express gratitude to all partners and to invite for the VIVA Consult’s upcoming events, the information of which can be found on the web site http://viva-consult.com.ua/

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