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CAREC Transport Strategy 2030.

In order to improve cross-border transportation and logistics in the CAREC countries, at the 18th CAREC Ministerial Conference in Uzbekistan in November 2019, the CAREC Transport Strategy - 2030 was adopted for improving multimodal transport infrastructure in the region by applying international best practices in developing regional and national transport policy, improving cross-border transport operations.

More than just money: Digital technologies can help narrow the trade finance gap

Digital or financial technology – including mobile internet access, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data – can make international trade more efficient and support financing options.

Trade finance provides exporters and importers with effective tools to manage working capital and reduce risks related to trading across borders. Around 40% of global international trade is financed by banks through trade finance transactions such as letters of credit, loans, and guarantees. There are around $1.5 trillion of rejected trade finance applications globally in 2018, which is as much as 8% of global goods trade, according to the recent report, Trade Finance Gaps, Jobs, and Growth Survey.

Safely Connected: A Regional Road Safety Strategy for CAREC Countries (2017–2030)

The strategy has been developed to provide the framework for CAREC member countries to work collectively to implement the Ministerial Commitment to Road Safety.

Freight and Warehouse Logistics in Uzbekistan.

The experts of "Association for Development of Business Logistics", LLC have prepared “Profile Review of Freight and Warehouse Logistics in Uzbekistan”. This work was undertaken in order to determine the potential for development of logistic services in Uzbekistan, as well as a generalization of existing materials related to the development of transportation and logistics infrastructure.

22nd Annual State of Logistics Report

The cost of the U.S. business logistics system jumped up 10.4 percent in 2010, making up more than half of the preceding year’s decline. But don’t expect gains like this to continue as the economy begins to slow and all four transportation modes scramble to make adjustments during this period of unprecedented volatility.

Winning Tactics, Lessons from the Supply Chain Top 25

This year’s edition of the Top 25 supply chains published by AMR Research, now part of gartner, contains some familiar names and some new faces. But beyond the list itself, the most important learning for supply chain professionals is that certain tactics consistently define the leaders, regardless of industry or geography. These are the tactics that lead to operational and financial success.

Forwarders Seek Eased Russia Customs Barriers

With Russia and its regional trading partners preparing for meetings on expanding their Customs Union agreement, logistics operators and forwarders say they still face confusing and outdated procedures at Russian ports and airports that drive up costs for shippers and transport providers. Perry Neumann, managing director of Kuehne+Nagel for Russia and Belarus, said shipping procedures and customs regulations were complicated and could change at short notice, while the availability of electronic declaration procedures was sporadic.

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