About the Project - Transport and Logistics Information Portal

About the Project

Do you need the permanent quantity of freight? Do you want to find the reliable transport company to realize the freight transportation? Do you want to sign a contract for insurance and forwarding of your freight transportation with qualified companies? Or are you looking for logistic warehouse terminals to storage freight? All these you can find at Transport and Logistics Information Portal www.logistika.uz .

The Portal was designed following the results of participants’ needs of international freight transportation process, where companies dealing with transportation services, forwarding, storage and customs clearance, are included.

The Informational Platform was created for participant of Transport and Trade Logistics and meets the standards of “Single Window”. There every user can find any specific information or service himself related to the transport and trade infrastructure.

The Project Information.

Transport and Logistics Information Portal www.logistika.uz unique in Central Asian Region, has begun work since February, 2011.

There was designed the new Transport and Logistics Information Internet Portal www.logistika.uz, the unique in Central Asian Region. This informational resource is for entrepreneurs (freight owners) and transport companies (carriers) as well as for companies and organizations providing complex of services on forwarding, insurance and customs clearance of cargoes.

The aim of project is to reduce transport and logistics expenditures in the prime cost of goods imported or exported to major sale markets through achieving an efficient use of vehicles.

This portal is a common data base on available freight and opportunities for its carriage designed for all transportation companies and entrepreneurs.

This portal makes it possible for the cargo owners to find and choose alternatively free transport or the transport moving the same direction, and transportation companies as well as to solve quickly and easily the problems of perishables transportation (if it’s foodstuff or fruits and vegetables production).

Using this portal, transportation companies can address the issues of unscheduled downtime of rolling stock and return empty run through getting information on available return or way cargo.

The portal is a convenient facility for information exchange between the participants of cargo transportation market: carriers, freight forwarders, cargo owners and shippers.

The requests for freight carriage or information on available free vehicles (vehicles moving the same direction) in any direction can be placed in the database of the portal free of charge.

Any registered user can post information on his/her/its vehicle or request for freight carriage. When selecting the cargo (transport) the system users get all contact details of cargo (transport) owners at once. They can get in touch directly with the company or individual who placed information and arrange transportation.

The portal includes the next main information resources:

  • Road atlas. The informational – logistics service in the form of constantly updating electronic road atlas and guide book. Users can get information about presence, location and object conditions of wayside transport infrastructure (motorway filling stations, service, meal, medical stations, hotels and etc.) as well as Border Inspection Post and post clearance control.
  • Catalogues of carriers, freight owners, forwarders, insurance companies, customs brokers as well as warehouse terminals and logistic centers. Reference retrieval system and information database about available companies and organizations providing complex of services on forwarding, insurance and customs clearance of cargoes.
  • Legal frame work. In this section you can find statutes in force and regulatory documents as well as international conventions in the field of international transportation and trade.
  • Informational center. In this section users can post any announcement for example about job vacancies or means of transport selling and etc. In the section “Tenders” you can post information about tenders in action or get acquainted with effective offers.
  • Glossary. The terms used in foreign trade operations, international freight transportation and the glossary on dangerous goods and hazardous substances. This dictionary and the glossary include basic terminology essential for foreign trade operations.
  • Freight owner’s offers. Posting of request about freight for transportation.
  • Carrier’s offers. Posting of request about ready or preceding traffic (by road, air and rail transport).
  • Forum. Informational platform where participants of transportation market can exchange their professional skills, opinions, find employment (employee) and prevent colleagues from unconscionable partners.