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The aim of compiling the dictionary of the terms used in foreign trade operations, international freight transportation and the glossary on dangerous goods and hazardous substances is translation of these terms into the Uzbek language. This will allow the entrepreneurs of various regions of the country understanding and using international terminology of commerce easily. This dictionary and the glossary include basic terminology essential for foreign trade operations.

The edition is designed for small enterprises, individual entrepreneurs and the representatives of large business. The dictionary and the glossary can be considered as a manual for the entrepreneurs as far as it contains terms and expressions frequently used in world practice. While compiling the dictionary and the glossary the needs of the entrepreneurs of various economic sectors were taken into account. Furthermore, this material is also useful for trade companies involved in freight transportation.

The peculiarity of this edition is the glossary of terms and expressions for dangerous goods and hazardous substances. Their correct interpretation and application will help to provide safety of people working with this type of cargo, and contribute to environmental protection.

The edition is drafted with technical assistance of “InWEnt” German international organization for cooperation engaged in professional training and development. Assistance was rendered under the Regional Development of Economy in the Central Asia Program.