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Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Co. Ltd. (Tashkent Office)


Contact phone numbers: (+99890)1214761 / (+99871)1207420
E-mail: Send message
Address: Ташкент Проспект Мустакиллик дом75 Инконель Бизнес центр402
Transportation categories: Road transport, Rail transport, Air transport, Multimodal transport
Additional services: unloading and loading of freight
freight insurance
warehousing and storage of freight
freight security
customs declaring
transportations with Carnet TIR
freight forwarding
Transportation specifics: freight traffic
transportations in refrigerators
container transportations
Region: Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou
City: Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou

Additional information on carrier:

Hello friend,
I am Justin Chou from Shenzhen Neptune Logistics Co.,Ltd.(Tashkent Office)
【Companies in】Shenzhen, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Lianyungang, Hongkong, Tashkent.
【We provide】 Railway/ Airway/ Truck/ Sea & Rail/ Sea & Truck combined freight forwarding service.
【Route】 Ocean Country<--->China<--->Mongolia/ Russia/ Kazakhstan/ Uzbekistan/ Turkmenistan/ Tajikistan/ Kyrgyzstan/ Azerbaijan/ Georgia/ Ukraine/ Turkey/ Korea/ EU/other CIS country.

If you need any assistance from our service, contact me please.
Skype: justin-neptune
QQ: 2431579526
Tel: +99871-1207420
Mob: + 99890-1214761

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